How is she already 3 Months old?

Monday- 7/27/2020
I woke up thinking WHOA where has the time gone. It feels like yesterday we were preparing for our fourth transfer without knowing if it would work. Matt and I looked through photos of when I was pregnant with her, and we both said, man, I can’t even remember that or what it feels like, I do miss my belly bump and watching her roll around everywhere. It’s so hard to believe how fast life does go as you get older. It feels like there are not enough hours in a day. I’m so glad I documented bits and pieces of my pregnancy with Finley, I can’t wait to show her one day all the videos and for her to read this blog of how much we already loved her before we knew her.

Tuesday- 7/28/2020
Finley has been sleeping an amazing nine to ten hours every night !!! Praise Jesus. She began with four hours, six hours, then went straight to nine hours. In the midst of the getting up every three to four hours, it felt like FOREVER, but now it feels like it came super fast. We got up this morning while Matt got ready for work she ate a whole five ounces. She loves her morning times with dad, I know he does too. She went back down for her morning nap, which typically lasts anywhere from three hours to four hours. I try and get as much done as possible.

While holding Finley, Matt says to her, ” Can I put you in my lunch box, and you can come to work with me?” Who else agrees having their little one with them at work would make the day so much better? We sat outside for a bit before it became too hot, and started raining. She loves listening to the birds and turns her head towards the sounds.

Thursday- 7/30/2020
As always Finley woke up in such a happy mood, I swear I could watch her stretch ALL day. Between naps and eating, we, of course, took more pictures. I love taking pictures of her and relearning my camera.

Friday- 7/31/2020
Matt surprised us and took the day off to spend some quality time.
We went for a morning walk, which was niceish. It’s so damn, humid, and hot here. I feel like if it wasn’t so sticky and humid, we could handle the heat a little more.

Saturday 8/1/2020
We got out of the house and headed to my parents. I drove with Finley for the first time, I didn’t want to do it without Matt with me in case I didn’t feel comfortable and not want to drive any longer, I’d at least have him there. To my surprise, I did fine drove the forty-five minutes to drive there with no problem. I know these things will take time, and getting over those road bumps are steps closer. Precious cargo!!! My parents cooked dinner we played some games and of course, loved Finley. My mom’s good friend Kyle gave her some ADORABLE hand me down clothes, which I love. It had been rainy all week, which sucks, so Blu wasn’t able to run and play in the back yard like he usually does and chases the squirrels. We celebrated his fifth birthday. It’s SO hard to believe he is five already man how time flies. Matt and I see how fast that went and know it’s going to go just as fast or faster with Finley.

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  1. It’s true… life just keeps going faster and faster and faster. The stories I tell seem like just a few years ago, whereas in reality they were over half my life ago.

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