33 weeks and counting

33 weeks as of Sunday March 15th! Only 7 weeks or less to go until we meet our little girl.

This week in the life of Finley she is roughly the size of a butternut squash, not sure how man squashes you have seen that are 16-17 inches long, or the size of a ferret. Weighting in at around four and a half to six pounds she is almost to her birth height but will continue putting on weight as she gets closer to arrival. She will continues putting on a half a pound a week until a few weeks before she is born.
This week her bones are hardening so she can support herself, along with that the vernix layer is still thick but shedding quickly.

While she is awake she is beginning to keep her eyes open, not like there is much to see but my insides. This week her immune system is also reached a very important stage; she has her own immune system antibodies that are being passed to her from me to help her continue developing, this will help Finley for when she is trying to fend off germs in the outside world of the womb and LORD knows at this time she’s going to need ALL immune system support she can get.

Hows Mom… loaded question…

Finley is moving so much something I have always longed to feel, it really is something you cannot explain properly unless you have felt it your self. I will surely miss feel her move around and play in my tummy, but will be so happy and excited to be holding her and looking at her all day and night.

Sleeping is more and more difficult, not just because I’m uncomfortable at times, but the getting up to pee, then trying to lay back down all the while your mind can’t stop thinking about every little thing. What will MY delivery be like? How will labor go for me? What does it feel like? Will I be a good mom? and the list goes on and on and on and on you know like the song that never ends.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s day at my parents with Corn beef, potatoes and cabbage Matt had his green beer and I had green water ( no I didn’t drink the water) I was wanting to take him to a pub to celebrate, but we made the best of it.

Covid-19….How we are handling this whole thing…

I have got to say this whole things has us both and our families pretty freaked out, not just for the safety of our selves and Finley but for our whole country.

After having to cancel the rest of our baby showers, photo shoot and get together I couldn’t help but fog into a slight depressed state of mind, ( don’t worry I have since moved passed it and thank those who I was able to call on). After trying for a pregnancy for the past 5 years, and living in the present day of Covid-19 outbreak is something I don’t think ANYONE ever could of imagined or dreamt up. You want the festivities, parties, the being with people who love you so dearly and have who have supported you throughout this whole journey. I never imagined having to cancel things like this to celebrate Finley, but I know at the end of the day it’s not about the parties, or gifts it’s that we deliver a healthy baby girl.

In a world were all we need is unity, love and compassion we are being told to social distance ourselves, I pray once this is all over with and gone we can all come together and be more kind to one another and realize we are ALL in this together and not even Covid-19 cares whats your ethnic background, religion, who you love and whatever else it doesn’t discriminate and neither should we.

I have been able to work from home since Friday, 3/15/2020 and will continue to do so until she is born and and after. Matt is still having to go in but limiting his exposure to people by working out of his truck. I pray this all goes away forever.

What our Delivery could look like..

As of right now if the scare and concern regarding the Covid virus are still around when we go into labor, we will be tested upon arrival for any signs or symptoms, asked questions and our temperature will be taken, at that time if we show nothing we will continue with delivery as usual. Should either of us show signs more precautions will be taken to delivery a healthy baby. Each day we are at the hospital we all will be checked each morning and should we develop symptoms or show signs Finley will be taken to the negative pressure NICU to be quarantined until we/or the one showing signs is negative. We will not be allowed any visitors during our stay so everyone get ready for a bunch of FcaeTime calls! Bags have been packed, car seat is installed we are ready for our sweet girl.

We pray none of these measure have be used. Keep us in your prayers as we do all of you in ours.

Stay safe out there.


  1. Reading your updates always brings such joy and hope. Your delivery will go beautifully and you will be a wonderful mother to your perfect, precious little Finley. Matt will be the best daddy ever and the Wood family will live happily ever after. (((♡)))✌

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