32 Weeks pregnant!

Finley’s growth this week!!

This week Finley is roughly the size of a cantaloupe, a Naked- tailed armadillo, or a Pomelo around 16-18 inches long and weighing in at about three and half to four pounds. Only eight or less weeks left until we meet our little baby girl. One Month to go, 52 days AHHHH!!!

This week Finley’s time will be filled with practice, perfecting the skills she will need to survive in this world. Like breathing, swallowing, kicking, moving around, sucking her thumb to prepare for breastfeeding. She will continue to pack on the weight which makes her skin look more and more like yours and mine and no longer transparent. Finley has developed regular sleep cycles, now they not be on my sleep cycle but she is resting up for her big debut. All organs other than the lungs have fully developed at this point, her lungs will continue over the next few weeks, although if she decided to come early she would still have a great chance at survival inside the NICU as her lungs completely developed. Fingers crossed that isn’t the case.

How’s Mom you ask…

I am still feeling great, I truly have been blessed with what I would call an easy pregnancy. Still having the indigestion, but nothing 3 tums still can’t help! Sleeping is for sure being interrupted but I’m managing and I’m also still working full time. Belly button is still and innie and no stretch marks to report!! We have had to cancel the remaining showers we had scheduled due to this Covid-19 outbreak. We are also not only preparing for her healthy and safe delivery we are having to prepare for the potiential NICU Stay should Matt or I begin to come down with any symptoms of Covid-19. They will take to the negative pressure NICU for isolation until symptoms are gone and during this as well we will have no physical contact with her. We will not be allowed visitors during this time either. I’d rather be safe than sorry so I’m glad they are putting measures into place.

Finley is kicking, hiccuping and dancing all the time I’m loving it! Feeling her move around is so much fun I wish I could explain it to Matt I wish he could know the feeling. As I’m writing this she has the hiccups.

Beer and Diaper Party

We had our Beer and Diaper party on Sunday March 8th! We had SO much fun with our family and close friends. We cannot thank the support system we have enough. Below are photos from the party! Played some games, ate some good food and over all had a awesome time. Got lots of Diapers and gifts.

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