31 Weeks of Finley

31 Weeks as of Sunday March 1, 2020!

In the world of Finley this week

This week Finley is roughly the size of a coconut not sure what coconut is ranging 16-17 inches but yea. Weighing in at around 3 and a half pounds. She will continue to pack on the weight about a half a pound a week until she is born! During these next 9 weeks or so her brain will continue to develop at a rapid speed as the connections of the individual nerve cells complete connections Finley will begin a more defined sleep schedule, movement and wakefulness. During this time her 5 senses will be receiving information, like tracking light from the outside, me pushing on my tummy and her responding with a kick, jab or swirl of movement. Pretty cool. From now till Finley is born she will continue practicing kicking, pedaling her feet and hands, swallowing, hiccuping, breathing, probably making silly faces I mean what else is there to do in there got to do something to make the time pass by!

3D ultrasound!!!

I have hair too!

How’s Mom doing you ask..?

Mom is splendid, no honestly I’m feeling great certainly feel blessed to be feeling as good as I am up to this point, fingers crossed it continues this way…wishful thinking maybe but I’m optimistic.

My tummy feels like it’s in my throat, I have experienced shortness of breath when walking up stairs, or during activities. Indigestion is still the devil onto 3 tums instead of 2 I should buy stock in Tums hmm. Ive been struggling with a stupid sinus allergy congestion but have been able to take my Zyrtec and waiting it out.
Belly is for sure getting bigger we measured on Sunday and I’m a whopping 41 1/4″ around we will measure from here on every Sunday to see how much we grow. ( this should be exciting).

Getting comfortable sleeping is still a challenge, I’m propped up almost sitting up straight on my back for most of the night, since now sleeping on my left side just is not comfortable at all even with something giving my tummy support.

My mom was able to feel her move for the first time which was so fun seeing her face light up.

Belly button: still an innie and no stretch marks to report

Mommy Bag/ Finley Bag: is half way packed and ready.
Daddy Bag: in progress

First Baby Shower, 1 down 3 to go!

My aunts put on such a beautiful shower for us, I felt so special.

Next appointment is March 11th!

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  1. You look so beautiful and happy, so well deserved. I am so very happy for both you and your husband and I actually feel your excitement through your blog! You can believe that I am keeping my eyes on you and Finley! 😘🤰🏻

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