27 Weeks my how times is flying!

27 weeks as of Sunday 2/2/2020! I can remember feeling like 9 months would see my like an eternity when we first found out we were pregnant but look at it now with only 89 days to go thats only 13 weeks you guys!

In the life of Finley this week!

Finley is now roughly the size of a Cabbage or a cute Fennec Fox not sure those are very comparable but which ever. She is measuring in at about Fifteen inches and weighing roughly 2 pounds still. Grab those 2 pounds of sugar a lug it around.

This week she is a brainiac, as her organs are for the most part fully developed her brain growth is what will be taking a major leap of progress. Her brain will begin sending signals to the rest of her body that will help with coordination on the outside world.

Those pretty little eyes have been practicing opening and closing although can’t imagine there is much in there worth looking around at but it’s something right! Her brain is learning to control her lungs, temperature and movements. she will continue to hear me talking and begin to recognize my voice and outside voices! I love singing to her! when I stop she starts kicking me. Even though what she hears is still muffled because of the creamy coating called vernix covering her ears she can still hear us!

At this point Finley is developing taste buds, which means what I’m eating she is tasting about 2 hours later through the amniotic fluid. If I eat something spicy she will be able to tell she could react with hiccups or some kicks.

Now for the “How’s Mom” Section!

This week I told Matt ” I actually feel pregnant” I’m beginning to feel the weight it’s not terrible or unbearable but you know that feeling when you have eaten a HUGE meal? Imagine eating that huge meal 3 times in a row and you feel bogged down, thats what I’m feeling. We did go on 4 walks last week which always makes me feel better, I have also noticed If I miss a day or two of walking my leg cramps at night come back. Overall I feel great still.

I will say tying my shoes has become a laughing matter at this point, most of the time I ask Matt to do it for me, but there are days I feel like super MOM and take that deep breath lean over and tie that damn shoe once I’m done I feel so accomplished! I know it’s the little things.

Still no stretch Marks on the belly to report now my boobs are another story, Belly button is still an innie.

We have talked over possibly having a Doula, something Ive always wanted for the extra support, knowledge and help with pain management during labor. We are also in the works of looking into some birthing classes.

This weekend we worked in her room, shelves we built, painted and have been hung, along with the hir bow holder and heartbeat painting I made for her room! It’s coming together we are so excited.

Glucose Test/ Results 2/4/2020

So I’d like to start off by saying I was SO worried about this test for what ever reason. My mom never had it but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t. I cooked my self some grits and 2 scrambled eggs so I wasn’t on such an empty stomach going into it. Yes my doctor said I didn’t have to fast.
Made it to the clinic and I’m brought back into the Ultrasound room since our Doctor is SO amazing she did a little secret one for my Mother in law so she could see Finley in real time as opposed to the videos I usually send.
Before the Ultrasound I’m Given “the Drink” Fruit punch SCORE, I hate orange soda so there’s that. If you are on my Instagram or Facebook you saw it all unfold in real time. If you are not following our journey there @journey_2_our_family is where you can get everything in real time first!

I open this bad boy up take a big gulp and already want to throw up. ITS SO SWEET, and coming from someone who doesn’t drink any sweet drinks like coke, juices or added sweeteners it was rough. 1,2,3 chug and finish. You have to drink that shit with in 5 minutes WHATTT how in the heck. Glad it was over. We continue on to the ultrasound. That kept my mind off the fact that my stomach was in complete knots, and all I wanted to do was throw up and take a nap.

Go back into the waiting room to finish waiting my hour till they draw blood, and in the meant time my head is fuzzy, I;m feeling sick as can be and take many deep breaths to keep from throwing up. Finally 9:47am comes around I walk back get my blood work done and head straight to the bath where lets just say I set up shop for a while. When I say it wrecked my stomach it WRECKED it good. When I saw I would much rather take 10 Progesterone injections IN A ROW, than have to drink that shit again I mean it.

Ultrasound went good, Finley is looking perfect! She is already head down and doctor says she thinks she will more than likely stay that way.

Received the results this morning 2/5/2020 Wednesday and…..slightly anemic not too concerned, I can take a supplement if I want to once or twice a week or eat more iron rich foods, and if you know me I go with the food option and maybe a supplement once a week.

Next Appointment is February 25th!

I passed Thank GOD!


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