Our story and how we came up with the name Finley!

Our story, for those who have just joined us on our journey, or for those who have never read our beginnings! After this you will be up to date!

Matt and I began dating in 2011 after meeting at a mutual friends New Years eve/day party.

Since the day we met we have never been apart, we went on a date the following Friday after the party to talk, catch up and hang out. We ate dinner at Texas Road house and that day he also met my parents, him and my dad clicked right away and same goes for my mom. The next morning I got up and asked my Dad so what did you think? and if you have seen our Father of the Bride speech you know how the story goes if you haven’t I’ll link it below for your viewing pleasure!

Now that you have watched the video you know the rest is history! When we began dating I was very upfront with Matt and told him having kids would probably be something we would have to work at very hard, and more than likely have to go through some sort of fertility help. He said whatever we have to do I’m down! ( I knew I had a winner).

We married in February of 2015 one of the most incredible days of my life,
(If you have not seen our wedding video I’ll also link it below) We honeymooned in Florida a place we both have always loved. Being that it was middle of February (the date was chosen because it was the cheapest) there was NO body there which was sort of nice in a way, we both got sick me worse than him, but we made the best of with an offshore fishing trip, visited many historic museums and lots of YUMMY restaurants. Favorites were Peg leg Pete’s which I had been to before in years earlier ( Pensacola) We went to AJ’s and a couple others. We had a great time spending the week at a friends Condo right on the water.

We came home and life began! That November we began trying to grow our family, we went through 2 rounds of IUI’s which failed, we saw a natural family planner, 3 other doctors before we both said OK we need more help. After talking to a coworker who also had difficulty getting pregnant and speaking with my OB they both said you need to go see someone at HFI
(Houston Fertility Institute) I sat on it for a while because it’s a HUGE pill to swallow even though I knew from age 16 I’d need help getting pregnant. Diagnosed with Stage 4 Endo and PCOS.
After all this we took a year off to enjoy being married. Then in November of 2017 I made the call to have a consultation to talk about IVF. I’ll give you the cliff notes version:

January 2017 first Egg retrieval we had 10 eggs 5 fertilized and 2 made it to freeze we did a 5 day frozen transfer which failed. This was a Day 5 transfer with a day 5 embryo.

We had/have such an amazing nurse who kept an eye out for any case studies out there. We were so lucky to get into the RITA study October of 2018, the process started all over. Prepared for retrieval on January 13, 2019 we had our second retrieval we got 15 eggs 7 fertilized and 5 made it freeze. the study was testing a new Stimulation drug to be approved by the FDA. We then went on to do two more Day 6 FET ( frozen embryo transfers) which failed with one being a very low pregnancy. We did an ERA cycle and found out I needed a Day 7 transfer. We proceeded with those results which has landed us with our sweet baby girl now 26 weeks only 14 weeks to go!

When we received the call about my BETA results I just started crying and immediately called Matt, we both were crying now. We went to dinner that night to celebrate, he looks at me and says ” well, I guess we need to look at that list of names you have had since we started dating” Of course me SUPER excited we began sorting through all the names we had saved over the years. We didn’t want any of them except maybe two or three. We would add some we liked and put *** by the ones we liked if it had four *’s it was a for sure contender. He came home one day and said ” What do you think about the name Finley, for a girl?” I immediately said YES that’s it I love it.

Now that we had the girl name we had to figure out the boy name we couldn’t decide between 2 of them, lucky for us we didn’t need to worry about it.

At our Gender reveal we looked at each other crying and said WE have a FINLEY !!!

Finley Rose it is! Her middle name comes from My grandmother who is Rosa and I also was named after her so naturally I wanted to carry on her name!

I know I know that was a lot to get through for such a short story on her name but for those who are new now you are ALL caught up!

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