25 Week Update!

Finley update for 25 weeks!
This week Finley is roughly the size of an eggplant ( yuck since pregnancy I cannot stand eggplant), or the size a of a cute little prairie dog! Finley is about 14 inches tall and weighing in at about two pounds!

This week as her lungs continue developing from inhaling amniotic fluid preparing them for her first breath, cry and I’m sure later on talking back to us once she’s older. at this point her nostrils are starting to open as her air sacs in her lungs continue developing.

Finley’s hair is beginning to thicken. Gosh I hope she has hair unlike me when I was born my mom tells stories about having to use scotch tap to keep a bow in my hair, if she does have hair it already has developed the color.

At this point she is able to determine which was is up and which is down her balance will continue to improve as the months go.

Her skin is turning a more pink color as her blood vessels called capillaries are forming under her skin filling with blood.

How’s Mom

My uterus is now the size of a soccer ball WHOA no wonder I have to pee every 45 seconds. We have been taking walks as much as we can, My goal is three times per week last we got in two, not bad! Sleep has changed, I’m finding it a little harder to get comfortable, I have figured out a way to prop my belly and give it more support while laying on my left side, it’s seemed to help so far. Other than feeling a little tired I still feel great, cant complain.
Finley has been moving and kicking like crazy, the feeling is one of a kind so hard to describe. I love it so much. We finally we able to catch her moving and record it, sending it to our family all of their reactions were “WHOA” “How cool” Finley, Stop kicking my sister” << my favorite

Our next appointment is Feb 4th, this will also be my Glucose test UGH dreadful in my opinion.

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