23 Week Finley Update!

Whats been happening this week!!!

Finley is roughly the size of a BIG grapefruit, funny think I was at the grocery store the other day and really wanting a grapefruit. She is roughly 11 inches long and weighing in at about 1.2lbs 17 weeks to go!! We are getting so very excited.

This week Finley should double in weight and continue to do so over the next four weeks her skin is a bit saggy as she grows and faster than she can put on fat but she will fill out by the time she is here with us all.

On ultrasound you can see through her skin, noticing her bones and organs as she gains more fat/weight her skin will become less and less transparent.

Matt has been able to feel her more often which Is so cool I love when he comes and feels my belly and she kicks at him ” Hi, Dad”
Finley’s life support has been completed via the all mighty placenta power transferring oxygen, nutrients and removing waste products.

How’s Mom?!?!

Well Mom has no brain lets just start with that. Its hard for someone who has been on top of things and not a procrastinator to adjust to this “mommy brain” it’s mostly caused by increased progesterone levels in your body. I guess we should really call it “progesterone brain”
I have noticed my hands are red in color, Ive also noticed I really cannot eat tomatoes which I knew at around 7 weeks or so but now the acid reflux has become so much more uncomfortable. I didn’t notice a small heat rash that went away fairly quickly, sweating almost every night now which I’m assuming is normal. So far no stretch, although I do have the dark line up my belly, called linea nigra its very common in pregnancy as your belly grows and is caused by pregnancy hormones which can also make freckles and red cheeks more noticeable and some times skin discoloration.

I was texting with my sister in law who has given us our amazing niece and nephew, telling her how already I know I’ll miss feeling in kick around in me and move, but how we are so excited to meet her too. I have seen a few of her kicks or punches move my tummy such a crazy feeling and to see it is even crazier. Our next appointment is January 14th !

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