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10/30/2019- Wednesday

We had 2 appointments today, first we headed to the Fertility clinic to check my Progesterone once more, and like we suspected it dropped after being taken off PIO injections. SO you guessed back on injections. I will have to go back next Wednesday to check it again. I have already volunteered to stay on them the whole pregnancy, it’s not harmful to anyone it will only help! My OBGYN says what ever Dr. Witz says goes i trust him 100% If he wants you to continue PIO than thats what we will do.

After leaving there we went to my first OBGYN appointment. Love my Doctor, hate the waiting room, so different form the fertility clinic where you wait like 5 minutes instead of an eternity it seemed. But all in all not a bad first experience. Headed to do the Ultrasound which was again so different and so much faster than I’m used to. Not much to update on! Finley is doing good growing like a champ, moving around like a crazy lady. We only have 2 more ultrasounds until she is here and a total of 13 appointments total! We both think she will be here before May closer to End of April! IVF pregnancies tend to come earlier and are considered high risk.


  1. You are doing a great job so far. I forget when Finley is suppose to make her entrance into the world to see her Mommy and Daddy who have done so much and been through so much just for her. She will have the greatest loving parents.

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