10 week 1 Day Baby update!

Monday was our 10 Week baby check appointment! I get SO excited on appointment days because i get to see our little nugget, and then my heart feels calm knowing everything is progressing on track and everything looks great.

We have worked so hard for this baby and all I want is to hold our sweet angel and snuggle all day. I cannot wait to watch Matt become a daddy and they best one at that! He rubs my belly at times I just love it. Each milestone just brings us closer and closer to our miracle!

Monday all my labs were good and heart beat is still strong!

We have began weaning off meds WAHOOOO!!!!!!
Stop Estrogen patches Monday
Went from 2 estrogen pills to 1 at bed time
PIO will go from 2cc to 1cc starting Friday 10/11/2019

We continue to move forward and milestones are met and concurred!

Without further a due what you have been waiting on here is our ultrasound appointment!! Baby was moving all over the place, so cool. It’s so crazy to be seeing something inside of you, on the outside and it’s MOVING HOLY COWWWWWW we go us a baby!!!!

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel that’s where Video updates will happen first, and will be continued after birth! Stay tuned for Gender Reveal Oct. 19th!! You are NOT going to want to miss it.


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