February Update, long post alert!

First off I want to say Hello and thank you to all our new subscribers!! It is truly humbling to know people are finding what I have to say helpful!

Ok, what’s been up! I’ll start from the beginning.

The first half of February was nothing special other than waiting for my period to come.

February 15th,

Our beautiful 4 years wedding anniversary! We planned to go to a nice restaurant and just be together. Instead, we canceled ALL those plans and headed to our beach house to spend the weekend together there. We ate dinner at the local restaurant Crab Trap which was so fun! I’m not a fancy, need an expensive dinner night type of gal. I just want the quality time.

To the love of my life, husband and the one who completes me:
8 years together 4 years of marriage with a lot of heartbreak and love in between, I wouldn’t want to do this life with anyone other than you!

Some need flowers, gifts or a classy expensive restaurant night, not saying all that isn’t nice but all I need is you. Time together, the spontaneous adventures, the silly nights, laying by the fire, just being with you is all I need.

This year I decided to do something different instead of an item just for Matt, (side note, we do the anniversary gifts based on the symbols for that year)

The first year was Paper, second is cotton, the third is leather and the fourth was Fruits or flowers.
Here is a picture of what I did this year,Β  unbeknownst to me, he had a beautiful vase made and was the perfect thing for our flowers.

We return from dinner and are just hanging out when I received a called from my dad around 9:45pm telling me he was headed to see Mawmaw and that hospice and my Aunt had been there with her all day, she had taken a turn for the worse. She stopped eating and hadn’t been taking her medication. Her mouth was in pain. She has been ready to go for so long I just wasn’t ready, but then again who is ever really ready to lose a loved one? Just shy of 13 years ago she had a stroke that left her speechless, and unable to move around easily. Seeing a woman so full of life, love and adventure become silenced was a hard thing to watch. Seeing her slowly dwindle to the state she was in at her passing was so difficult, as a kid I looked up to and will continue to do so.

I went to bed that night with a very heavy heart not know if she would make it to the morning or better yet for me to come home and give her one last hug and kiss. I had a dream that night, I sat with her by her bedside and told her it was ok, that I LOVE her and will never forget the lessons and love she taught me, as I brushed my hand through her thick white curled hair. I told her to “fix her hair because even though she didn’t feel well she should always look presentable.” You probably wonder why would I tell her that? Well, you see as we were growing up and if my brother or I were sick we would be taken to Mawmaw and Pawpaw’s house so our parents didn’t have to miss work. I remember waking up one morning at their house while sick I hadn’t brushed my hair and looked like a mess, she told me those words.

The following morning I received the call I had dreaded for 12 1/2 years Mawmaw passed away February 16th around 9:15am. First, I felt sadness, but then I was quickly overwhelmed with relief knowing first she is in heaven with my grandfather her seventh-grade love and second she is no longer in pain or suffering.

The process of excepting her passing began with knowing I will never see her in her living self again. I began to remember all she had taught me, the love she had shown me, the ways to be a better person and a kind one, the way to treat people and so much more that I will always cherish.

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We had a viewing service on Wednesday, February 20thΒ  for her friends and family to pay their respects where we prayed the rosary. We had her crocheted items on display to show how talented she was. Her Funeral services were on February 21st. I was able
to take the whole week off to spend with family.

Naturally I would begin spotting and finally, start my period during all of this,
I went into the clinic Wednesday morning before her Viewing service to begin Estrogen.

I will be on the estrogen for 12 days minimum and my uterus lining has to be 8mm thickness before we are able to start Progesterone injections.

We celebrate my mom’s birthday on February 22nd and then followed with Matt’s 38th birthday on the 25th!

February came and went so fast.

Now to the most recent up to date:
March 4, 2019
I went back to the clinic for hormone level check and ultrasound. All levels looked good now we are just waiting for my uterus lining to get to an 8 before we begin progesterone. I will return on Friday, March 8th to see if my lining has thickened to 8 and from there we will proceed to prepare for the transfer!

I know this was a long post if you have made it to the end leave me a heart emoji letting me know!!


Thank you, EVERYONE, for your love and support throughout our journey!


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