Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update

Sunday, January 13, 2019, Retrieval Day !!!!!!
Egg Retrieval update!!!
15 eggs retrieved
7 Fertilized
5 Made it to blast Cryo freeze
We are SO extremely excited to have these precious embryo babies!!!

I started my chemical withdraw period Friday, January 18, 2019, NEVER in my life would have ever thought a period could be SO exciting to have!!!! YEHAWW Lets get this started.

I returned to the clinic for bloodwork and ultrasound with the hopes of starting our FET cycle. Unbeknownst to me and our study manager, we have to wait for 21 -28 days after the last stim meds to begin FET cycle. They also want you to have a “nature” period before beginning FET treatment. So we wait…whats another few weeks RIGHT.
Blood and ultrasound looked good they said!

So, this will be a nice little break in between stims and FET to relax and snuggle with the hubby <3

So until next time…I’ll be on my period and we will be “let’s do the damn thing” << whats show? comment down below if you know! <3




  1. Way to go! 5 out of 15 is 33%. 33 is a Master Number, meaning it resonates at a higher vibration than other numbers. It means your power to manifest and create is heightened. Three generally is a powerful number.
    “The number 3 is a holy number and one highly respected among the celestial world. It represents the Holy Trinity; mind, body, spirit.” ~

    All signs point to a positive outcome.


  2. Becca’s season of the bachelorette. I am looking forward to seeing Colton’s season. 5 is a good number to have. That’s how many we have.

  3. Hey, Jennifer! It’s Lynn, from the Etsy order! 🙂

    I just peeked through your story. I, too, am a PCOS sister.

    I wanted to reach out to you letting you know that I have a recipe blog (linked) and my husband owns a gym and every April, we do a fundraiser for National Infertility Awareness Week and donate all proceeds (in combination with a donation from our RE) to a local couple without any living children undergoing IVF. Since you’re obviously not local, you can help us by visiting my blog during that week (last week of April), as I donate 100% of my advertising revenue to the cause.

    I’ll be following along with your journey from now on and hope to see the best news here soon. Thanks for connecting!

  4. Finally a blog about the Rita study. I’ve desperately been reading your journey as we are scheduled to start in May. I’m excited but so nervous at the same time. Im praying for you, your hubby, and your embryos and that you get the baby or babies you both deserve. Keep posting please my curiosity is getting to me on this whole experience and what to expect. We haven’t done any type of IVF.

    1. Hey Brandi!!
      First of all I am SO excited and happy you have found my blog! This is the reason I write, for people who need it to find it and second for people who have no idea about the infertility world but want to understand and know more.

      As far as the RITA study don’t stress keep the faith and know that the doctors know what they are doing. I know easier said than done but trust your self ! Your body is an amazing machine that knows what to do. Keep your faith in the process I’m certain you will do great if you are wanting to know what to expect regarding a typical IVF cycle I have a few posts from our first round. I just didn’t want to post much regarding the RITA study to keep the integrity of the study being double blinded. As I’m sure you know to everyone’s IVF cycle is going to be completely different.

      Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything also follow me on Instagram some times I post more recent updates there before the blog! @Journey_2_our_family

      Good luck I know your going to rock it! Keep me posted please!

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