Preparing our Bodies

Well, this morning we received an email stating the RITA case study will be open and enrolling in December!!! We are so excited. *this email gave me a kick in the butt*

Since we have a little less than a month I thought, we could do some things to help prepare our bodies and to become the healthiest version in the amount of time we have before beginning again!! I have done some research, watched countless youtube Videos and follow a bunch of fertility couples.

Some things I have known and have done in the past to “detox” my body was eliminating, dairy, gluten, any allergenic type foods. I know Dairy bothers me and it’s something that has taken me almost 25 years to figure out.

I have done 30 days to healthy living with Arbonne and if you have not checked out their products and if you would like information to let me know. ( I am a consultant and able to sell it, but that is not the purpose of this post) I joined for my own health!
Doing the 30 days to healthy living helped me realize what foods do to me Like bread and dairy is something I noticed right off the bat were foods that I am sensitive to. almost immediately after eating these foods I feel the bloat and the drag in my energy. It’s such a struggle since almost everything has dairy, gluten, sugar nowadays.

Some things I have found for both Male and Female to boost your fertility health whether it’s by IVF or natural conception!

Giving your selves optimal time to prepare is always best but who does that unless you are just SUPER on top of things. Most of us, like my self-started, to think about this months ago but have done nothing, am I right? TODAY I have decided no more procrastination on MY health.  Things I’m looking for in doing this are the obvious weight loss but most of all feeling my best, and knowing my body are in it’s the best condition to accept our IVF medications, vitamins and ultimately an embryo that will make it to full term!

Here are some foods I have heard A LOT of talk about:
Foods High in antioxidants like folate and zinc could improve fertility in both men and women, antioxidants immobilize free radicals in your body which could hurt your sperm count and egg quality. According to a study done with 60 couples going through IVF were found that by taking an antioxidant supplement increased conception by 23% WHHAAAATTTT something so simple to add to your diet! We drink a cup of pure pomegranate juice every day! Some other foods that are high in antioxidants are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains.

Swapping your protein from meat and fish products to vegetables like beans, seeds, lentils, and nuts. There is roughly a 32% higher chance of ovulation issues resulting in infertility shown in people whose main protein intake is by meat and fish products.
Didn’t your mom ever tell “better eat your greens”? maybe she’s smarter than we thought after all.

Vitamins: Right now I’m taking, prenatal, folic acid, coconut oil, and turmeric. Adding a multivitamin to your diet even if you’re not trying to conceive can be beneficial.

Being Active plays a huge part in our everyday health, mood, energy and overall health! I have a goal that I want to walk Blu at least ( to start) 3 times a week, not just for him but for me. Get some fresh air and get the joints and muscles moving. If you’re like me I sit at a desk ALL day every day, I’m just not as active as I was years ago and your body starts to feel it, and you can see it. Do some yoga, get up and move during commercials, stretch, run in place. So many things you can do just at home to increase your activity level!

There are so many more things I’m sure out there you can begin to do and that people have done, these are just a few things we plan to change in our diets and lifestyle.

So to recap:
Take your vitamins, eat more antioxidants, add more veggies to your diet and get outside and get some exercise.

Again and as always Thank you all for the support and love!

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