What has been going on?!

It’s been a while since I have written, why? Well, we have been enjoying this time off together.

After we received the news that we got the boot from the SARA study. *which if you have not read that post I will link it >>Oh..the disappointment * I called Matt crying and so disappointed, we were so excited and ready to start the journey again with IVF!

Well, we decided we need some time off and away from “real” life, we booked a trip to Los Angeles to see Matt’s cousin(s) who live there for a nice getaway! OH, Boy was it nice to have NO agenda and to relax.

Thursday, October 11th we arrived and came on Monday, October 15th!

While in LA we visited the beach often, ate at some awesome restaurants and hung out with family and went to a Hollywood party! I won’t go into all the details but here are some photos of our trip!

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When we returned our amazing neighbors were hosting a VIP Soft opening for their food truck business!! So very proud of these women and so thankful to have them in my life!!

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As always thank you for following our journey! We are just hanging out until the next study starts. This study is called RITA!



  1. Ohh I am so glad to hear your taking time to TREAT YO SELF!! Lol Your updates from LA via FB made me a little jealous I must confess lol. Also very glad to hear your 1st up for the next study!! Miss and love y’all like fam! I’ll be in your inbox soon about hanging out!

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