The Two Week Wait also known as TWW

Everyone calls it the “dreaded TTW” I don’t see it as dreaded, I see it as exciting. You know the phrase “no news, is good news” that’s how I’m taking this process.  I don’t know either way if this little embryo took or not but, I sure am having fun telling Matt Guess what??? ” I’m pregnant” then watching him smile really big, we are enjoying the time we have with this little baby inside me!! So dreaded not at all.

I am currently 7dpT ( 7 days post transfer)
If you read the blog prior you know how bed rest went if you missed it you can read about it here Transfer Day is here!!!

I am doing exceptionally well. Going into this whole Journey I promised myself I wouldn’t read into every little sign or symptom which is hard considering that’s ALL you think about every second of every day. I also told myself I would not cheat and test early, I just didn’t want that extra added stress of a possible negative test or even a positive at that to take over my emotions and inner self, I want to stay even and happy!

With our IUI’s I obsessed over EVERY little thing, every cramp, sign, syptom,  feeling, or emotion you name it I googled it and read into everything, this go around I decided it to be a good idea to not.

Now with that being said, I have not had any spotting or bleeding, I have felt a few little cramps but to be honest, I’m not sure if those have always been happening and I never paid any attention to them until now.

Blood work Today was checming:
Progesterone: >60.00 ng/ml
Estradiol: 497.0 pg/ml

So we wait, pray and keep hope that this little one attached and got SUPER cozy in there. My next appointment is scheduled for May 30th this will be our HCG beta test.



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