Shots Shots Days 7-13

Day 7 – 4/7/2018
I’ve been having some small cramps throughout the day, feeling some pressure and pain on my right side when I have to pee but goes away.  We had such an awesome weekend, it was nice to get out and do some fun stuff with great friends! We went to my best friends little one’s 2nd birthday party, then headed to celebrate one of Matt’s high school friends birthday with a crawfish boil! We then came home to do injections the arm hurts LIKE HELLLLL but it’ll all be worth it! Had some small bruising from but nothing like on my tummy.
Menopur 225- hurts like hell
Gonal-F 225- Never felt it
Cetrotide- Never felt itpixlr_20180407221259481
Friends since before high school20180407_195257
Day 8 – 4/8/2018
Pretty lazy Sunday, but it was nice we got up and made french toast (YUMMMY) then went to a few consignment shops to look around and just get out of the house found some frames to add to our frame wall on the stairs! Overall a very good relaxing weekend! 
same as day 7!

Menopur 225- again hurts like hell
Gonal-F 225- a breeze as always
Cetrotide- Shot…what shot?

Day 9 – 4/9/2018
Ultrasound and bloodwork appointment
Well, Ovidrel Trigger has been ordered, 2 Gonal-F 300 IU pens ordered since I didn’t have enough meds to complete my cycle. My right side is producing like crazy like we are rockin’ and roll’, left side is snoozing it doesn’t want to come out and play. For sure plays more into that my Endo is worse and affecting my left side more than my right. But we only need one!
I got a new ultrasound picture today of my right ovary and WHOZZZZAAA it’s beautiful!  The black circles are my follicles- this is the fluid-filled cyst that holds the egg where it grows! The ultimate baby selfie of all time!

Blood Work from 4/9/2018
LH- 0.183 mIU/ml
Estradiol- 1077 pg/ml
Progesterone- 0.684 ng/ml

Ultrasound from 4/9/2018
Left Ovary-  2 Follicles: 12.1mm, 16.1mm
Right Ovary: 10 Follicles: 15.4mm, 13.8mm, 13.6mm, 9.3mm, 7.9mm, 9.7mm, 11.2mm, 11.3mm, 11.2mm, 11.5mm
Cyst: Present
Endo Thickness: 8.78

Menopur- still hurts like hell
Gonal-F- Same as before
Same as before


Day 10 – 4/10/2018
Menopur- BOOOOOO 
Gonal-F same as before
Cetrotide- same as before

Day 10

Day 11 – 4/11/2018
Ultrasound and bloodwork appointment
We are extending my stim treatment for a day as of right now, she wants the follicles to have a chance to grow a bit more before taking them out. I have got to say I’m starting to feel the pressure from all the follicles. the bloating is REAL! I will have a better update tomorrow when I go back for another ultrasound. Dr. Bello said they grow 2mm each day.
Blood Work from 4/11/2018
LH- 0.214 mIU/ml
Estradiol- 2032 pg/ml
Progesterone- 1.16 ng/ml

Ultrasound from 4/11/2018
Left Ovary-  6 Follicles: 17.2mm, 15.5mm, 10.4mm, 12.4mm, 9.7mm, 13.3mm
Right Ovary: 10 Follicles: 15.8mm, 16.8mm, 15.2mm, 12.2mm, 9.4mm, 17.8mm, 11.2mm, 20.5mm, 15.8mm, 18.5mm
Endo Thickness: not recorded

Menopur- 225 nothing has changed on this it still hurts like hell
Gonal-F- 237
Cetrotide- pre-filled pen
Day 11

Day 12 – 4/12/2018

Blood Work from 4/12/2018
LH- 0.560mlU/ml
Estradiol- 2255 pg/ml
Progesterone- 1.22ng/ml

Ultrasound from 4/12/2018
Left Ovary- 6 Follicles: 22.7mm, 16.2mm, 10.2mm, 17.5mm, 11.1mm, 6.9mm
Right Ovary: 10 Follicles: 9.7mm, 16.5mm, 17.2mm, 7.1mm, 13.7mm, 18.0mm, 13.5mm, 10.7mm, 17.4mm, 12.2mm
Endo Thickness: 9.49

Let’s talk about the back pain…WHOOOOOOOOAZAAAAAAA. I started feeling it on Monday very faint didn’t think anything of it went into my appointment and I mentioned this pain so they took a urine sample and everything came back perfect, so I went about my day. fast forward to last night and today I feel like an old granny who can hardly walk. We do the exam to see how the follicles are looking and holy moly there are a lot more than yesterday so she was happy that we have more and will get a good number out of the retrieval! Ok, back to the back pain she said it’s all normal it’s as my ovaries are expanding everything else is having to move out of the way. so the feeling in my kidneys is normal, I told her I’m starting to feel it on my left side now which made me feel a bit better knowing it wasn’t one-sided. Which is why it hurts a bit to breathe, move quickly, and feels like a pulled muscle So we measured my ovaries and they are equivalent size of golf balls!

Day 13 – 4/13/2018
So my doctor called me to come in based on how much pain I was in and ran a few tests, and more ultrasounds! got me a few presents! he knows how much I love to color. No more shots!!!!!! Oh, wait just kidding. Since my doctor is concerned about “OHSS Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome this is where the ovaries have been overstimulated.  ” this is a medical condition that can occur in some women who take fertility medication to stimulate egg growth. So I will take Cetrotide for 2 days to help with the overstimulation.

Matt got me some present! Since he knows I love to color! the best coloring book EVER!!! and this super cute shirt that says Hella shots!

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