Shots Shots shots Days 1-6

I will be updating this post with my shots so they are all in one place!

First off I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter! We spent it with Matt’s family at the beach house so nice and relaxing! spent some time feeling baby Stella move around in my sister-in-laws belly SOOO cool. Headed to my Parents for Easter dinner where My brother and his new girlfriend were, there we played some ladder ball and hung out with each other!

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Blood work from 3/28/2018 Last day of Birth Control
LH-0.390 mIU/ml
Estradiol- <5.00 pg/ml
HCG Beta- <0.100 mIU/ml
Progesterone- 0.403 ng/ml

Ultrasound from 3/28/2018
Left Ovary- Follicles: 3.6mm
Right Ovary: Follicles: 4.9mm
Endo Thickness: 8.30

Day 1 – 4/1/2018
Menopur 150 I Forgot how much this one burns, from when we did our IUI’s so I mixed my dose of 150 and Matt gave the shot. It’s been a year since we have done shots and lesson learned something to remember give your shot slow and use the resistance of the medicine rather than try to force it in.
Gonal-F 150- We dialed it to my dose of 150 and pushed the button ( I wish they were all that easy) I didn’t feel this one near as much. After a while, I had this strange taste in my mouth assuming it was the shots, It was a medicine taste. It went away. I then took a bath to relax. The spot is a little tender now and is bruised, but I figured I’d have some bruising. This morning 4/2/18 I feel great a little tired just from the weekend, but no signs or symptoms!


Day 2 – 4/2/2018

Menopur 150 Matt gave the shot way slower and it wasn’t as bad, still burns but that is just what that shot is. Very small bruise.

Gonal-F 150- I wish ALL shots were like this, I never felt it and it was quick and easy!

I felt fine all day some spotting, Had some minor cramping at night, having a heavier flow by the end of the day. Day 2

Day 3 – 4/3/2018
Heavier flow- right ovary pain down right leg
Had a lot of cramping throughout the day, feeling a little tired other than that feel pretty good!
Woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain on my right side, my thoughts are since I’m on my period, 9mm cyst and the meds is making my body and hormones go CRAZY, it was a little more pain than I have had before that lasted a good hour. Finally was able to back to sleep.
Menopur 150- Not to bad works better when the injection is done slow. No bruising
Gonal-F 150- a breeze!

Day 3

Day 4 – 4/4/2018
Ultrasound and bloodwork appointment-
Left ovary not responding as much as they would like, my right ovary has some follicles!
We are increasing my Gonal-F Dosage. A lot of pain on my right side all day, a little nauseous, overall not feeling great my mood is very blah. I even got an ultrasound picture of my right ovary it’s too dark when I scanned it in to see anything. An update on my bruise from the first shot it looks like a pretty bad black eye but is getting better the doctor isn’t really worried about it. Now you can see my bruise from Day 1 I promise it is healing!

Blood Work from 4/4/2018
LH- 2.74 mIU/ml
Estradiol- 96.64 pg/ml
Progesterone- 0.281 ng/ml

Ultrasound from 4/4/2018
Left Ovary: 1 Follicles: 6.0mm
Right Ovary: 3 Follicles: 8.7mm, 5.9mm, 6.2mm
Endo Thickness: 4.61
Menopur 150- can I just say I absolutely HATE this shot it doesn’t matter how slow you go it hurts and burns every single time!
Gonal-F 225- Increase from 150 to 225 Again a breeze even with the dosage being increased.

Let’s talk about the fact that you can taste the meds after they are injected… UHHH nothing can describe what it tastes like. If I had to, I would say if you’ve ever smelled a sterile smell of a hospital. Somewhere along the lines of that. Or the smell of a pre-inked stamp
Here is an overall picture of my tummy!

Day 5 – 4/5/2018
Menopur- Dosage 150 Still burns no change
Gonal-F- Dosage 225- Still a breeze!Day 5


Day 6 – 4/6/2018
Ultrasound and bloodwork appointment
So…I’m still not responding as rapidly as they thought, they have increased my Menopur to 225 and added Cetrotide, and instead of injections in my tummy, they will be in my arm. Talking with a few friends who have gone through this whole process and have beautiful babies from it, has really helped me to not feel down on my self and feel like I’m doing something wrong or that my body isn’t working. My super sweet friend said don’t focus on the number…because all you need is 1 and that is so true! She also mentioned that since some are already measuring 8 is really good meaning those will keep growing and there are some still there growing that will be bigger next time for measurements. This week is a time to stay calm and be relaxed and let it happen the way it’s going to happen. It’s just SO hard to not think about what if, and hold the tears back. The one thing we want most feels SO far away and it’s so hard to keep those emotions back. I am So grateful for our support system and friends and family who have reached out to check on us. My biggest concern and fear is that we will have gone through all of this and not have enough eggs for multiple transfers, but focus on the present and the fact that I have 8 follicles that are growing!

Blood Work from 4/6/2018
LH- 1.59 mIU/ml
Estradiol- 286.6 pg/ml
Progesterone- 0.513 ng/ml

Ultrasound from 4/6/2018
Left Ovary: 2 Follicles: 12.3mm, 7.6mm
Right Ovary: 6 Follicles: 11.2mm, 10.6mm, 7.2mm, 6.8mm, 10.0mm, 7.6mm
Endo Thickness: 7.63
Menopur 225- burned like hell This was the 1st time that I cried during our injections the back of the arm with menopur sucks 3 vials instead of 2
Gonal-F 225- a breeze
Cetrotide – Preloaded dosage This is one that people say is horrible but honestly I didn’t even feel it in the back of my arm I would take this 1 everyday over menopur

As always we love and appreciate everyone praying for us through this journey!

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