3/22/2018- We had our teaching visit which went REALLY well. Matt learned where to give the injections, when to give them and how much to give.  We received our calendar of events!

Ledger on how to read the calendar

Green: is my medication and dosage
Pink: is my medication dosage on which day
Yellow: Appointment for Blood work and Ultrasound

When I begin my shots Matts begins taking Z-pack they do this so be sure there are no viruses/illnesses whatever can be in his body that could pass down to the sperm when we do fertilization. I will begin my Z-pack The same day we trigger for ovulation before the egg retrieval.


Today 3/28/2018– I went in for my True baseline blood work and ultrasound to see where my lining and ovaries are at!

FSH: 0.807mlU/ml- Follicle stimulating hormone

Estradiol: <5.00pg/ml- Estrogen this level us typically under 60 pg/ml at baseline and will rise as i’m on the medication to between 1000pg/ml-4000pg/ml

Progesterone: 0.103ng/ml- This is a hormone produced by the ovary, it is first detected in the middle of the menstrual cycle when an egg is released. The most important function of progesterone is it prepares the lining of the uterus to allow fertilization.

HCG-BETA: <0.100mlU/ml- Human Chorionic gonadotropin a hormone produced during pregnancy this is what we will want to see go up after we have our transfer!

My lining was 8.30, I had a 9mm cyst on my right ovary which we already knew.  Dr. Bello wants to be sure she does myEgg Retrieval so NO one messes with that cyst.  My lining has continued to thicken from the time we started this whole process.



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