Starting the Process


My period cycle started Thursday 3/15/2018 medium flow, Friday and Saturday were hell the pain was all back which I knew would happen since we focused on the inside of my uterus rather than the outside where the Endo is in surgery. After being on birth control for 3 months continuous and being off of it..well let’s just say the floodgates were OPEN and had no intention of letting up.

Friday I went in for an ultrasound and my first base line blood work to begin everything. This scan was to make sure nothing has popped up or looks abnormal.

Received a call from my nurse today,  3/19/2018 we are still on schedule to have our teaching visit Thursday 3/22 I have been instructed to begin my birth control today and I will be on that until I’m told to stop typically 9 days and then 4 days after the last day of Birth control we will begin our injections, but it will ALL depend on where my body hormone levels are at prior to injections. As long as my levels and uterus lining are where the doctors want them then we are good to stick to this schedule but everything is tentative based on blood work.

I’ll update once we have our Thursday teaching appointment!

If you have not yet watched One more shot on Netflix I encourage you to watch it! Matt and I watched it and WOW powerful and helped us understand everything about IVF the ups, and the downs!

Here is also a youtube video I found that is very informative!


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