Follow up !! Game Time!!

Hey everyone !! updating on how I’m feeling! I honestly have not felt this good in a long time, like before I ever started my period HAHA. Ever since 15 years old I have dealt with all this pain and frustration, birth control and pain relievers.

We went in for our follow up appointment today and to see if we are clear to move forward and guess what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our doctor said everything looks good, we asked why there were so much scar tissue and the only way she know’s there would be scar tissue is one of two things, a previous miscarriage or a D&C. So after hearing, that makes me think our past IUI’s could have been very early miscarriages and we just didn’t know it. Because I have never had a D&C.

So here is the plan:  IVF procedure which will be the egg retrieval, and the transfer including 1 year of egg freezing. $ 12,780.00

I receive my medication tomorrow Wednesday and WOWZZZZAAAA the meds are expensive like WHOA. We tentatively go back to the doctor  Thursday, March 22nd for our teaching visit which will go over where the injections go, what medication to take and when, how to load the syringe properly!

Matt had labs drawn yesterday: they have to have both of our blood types on file. They will test them for HIV which we are negative for so we will go into a freezer with non-HIV positive eggs. Also to be sure they are our eggs!  They have never had a mistake but its precaution which I like! We are also denying PGS testing on the embryos which would test for chromosome issues which is an additional $4,700 for up to 8 eggs.

A medication I will be on: We are wanting 15-20 eggs!!! GROW BABY GROW!
Medication is $3,780.00
Menopur – This will help to grow the follicles the house the eggs -I’ve taken before
Cetrotide- This will make sure I don’t get an LH surge which is ovulation
Gonal-f-  Stimulates egg production
Z-Pack- to be sure we have no viruses or sicknesses

BUT…. to one of my other favorite parts of the appointment, so if you know me well,  you know how much I love my baths!!! I was CLEARED to take baths again So naturally, I took an amazing bubble bath last night it was SO relaxing, helped my body relax, my hip relax and just was amazing!

Dr. Bello is also looking at my MRI scans from a previous Doctor and is taking them to an orthopedic to look over to be sure it is actually bursitis in my hip, she thinks I’m too young to have it.  she mentioned being on some of the medication could help with the pain in my hip as well!!!! winner winner killing two birds with one stone!!!

So here is the game plan as of right now, it can change depending on my body!
I stopped Birth Control today she wants me to have a complete period cycle to give my body a break, then I will go back on Birth Control for 9 days that is when we will begin our medication. Dates can and I’m sure will always change! Then we will grow eggs for 2 weeks do our egg retrieval, wait 3 weeks and then do a FET ( frozen embryo transfer) we will transfer 2 eggs at a time.

So we are almost there!!!! So excited and so surreal this has all felt like it has been so far away for so long but it’s crazy to think we could be pregnant this year, in just a few months!

As always THANK YOU for all the love, support and prayers. All the help our friends and family have given has been appreciated more than anything. We do still need help to pay off the debt we have incurred.


I have officially started my cycle 3/15/2018 I will go into the Doctor Friday 3/16/2018 for an ultrasound and base line blood test and we are still set for Thursday 3/22/2018 for our teaching visit. SO excxited!


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