Overly anxious

If you have been following this blog for a while now you know that I will be having my Hysteroscopy Thursday 3/1/2018. I am SO very nervous this will be my very first ever surgery. The only time I was put under was to have my wisdom teeth pulled so I’m nervous and anxious.

I’m beginning to feel feelings I have never felt before I’m so happy to finally be getting answers. My biggest fear is they won’t find anything and there will be NO firm explanation on what all this pain is from and why we haven’t been able to get pregnant.  The emotions of trying to find a doctor who is willing to invest the time and energy to figure out the reason for all of this and why all these years it hasn’t worked is overwhelming, humbling and the gratitude I feel is out of this world. everyone keeps saying, oh it’ll be fine don’t stress, don’t worry but that’s SO much easier said than done.

I will update once I’m feeling up for another blog post!

In advance thank you for the support and love!








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  1. You’re going to do great. Such an exciting time to be alive when this type of surgery is available. (((♥️)))

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