Good News!!!

Just a quick update!!!

Matt just got the call that ALL of his genetic testing results came back Negative!!

I cannot express how happy this makes me, just means we won’t have to spend any additional money testing our Embryos before our transfer.

Genetic Screening Panel:

Cystic Fibrosis- Both Normal
Spinal Muscular Atrophy- Both Negative
Tay Sachs Disease- Both Normal
Familial Dysautonomia- Both Negative
Canavan Disease -Me Positive Matt- Negative
Gaucher Disease- Both Normal
Fanconi Anemia Type C- Both Negative
Mucolipidosis IV- Both Negative
Niemann-Pick Disease Type A- Both Negative
Bloom Syndrome- Both Negative
Fragile X- Both Normal

We are still waiting to hear back on when my surgery will be scheduled, which is a bit nerve wrecking because that’s the only thing holding us up, once surgery is complete and I have healed we can begin our stimulation treatment which will increase my egg supply to prepare me for egg retrieval then once the Doctor gives us the go ahead we will do our transfer!!! It’s beginning to feel so surreal. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Even if this transfer fails I will be so happy that we are being given the opportunity to even try IVF.

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to all who have donated to our IVF Journey! the amount of love and support everyone has given us is just beyond overwhelming. We couldn’t be more grateful to have all of you in our lives! If you are wanting to contribute I have left the link below!

Thank you again from the BOTTOM of our hearts!
I also want to give a shout out to one of my absolutely SUPER sweet friends!
She is doing a Stella & Dot party for her sister!
When Meghan’s sister Morgan came to her and said “I want you to choose a charity to donate 10% of my sales to” Meghan said since I cannot see directly who benefits from a charity she chose Matt and me to donate the 10% too! I am so overwhelmed by this! If you are wanting to do some shopping please click the link below!
Her link will be active 24/7
( Photo: Matt and I with my Adorable, sweet, spunky Nephew) 1


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