9 months since my last post…

It has been 9 Months since I last posted

Update on whats been going on, After charting mucus, shots, medications, emotions, appointments, pain we have completely stopped seeing any doctors regarding the Endo and getting Pregnant. I started feeling very overwhelmed with the whole thing. It started to feel very unnatural. We saw the last doctor and in order to continue seeing her, we had to see an NFP ( Natural Family Planner) which we were on board with and liked for a while. But when each appointment costs $100 every 2 weeks it can be a bit pricey. I also didn’t feel this was helping me with the pain I was having from the Endo.

Since that we have just been living life and getting through the day one at a time. I still have pain during my cycle along with ovulation pains. I have been following a lot of people on Instagram for support with what to do next and encouragement.

I started experiencing really bad hip and back pain I went to a Sports Med doc where he took an MRI of my lumbar and left hip. We went over the scans, he asks me ” do you have an OBGYN”? I said no not anymore, WHY? ” he said, well because you have a lot of Cyst’s on your ovaries.” I felt like saying tell me something I don’t know. So he referred me to a Doctor he knows that specializes in Endo and Cyst issues. ( No, I have not seen him yet) the MRI shows I have Bursitis in my hip along with fluid around my hip joints. SOO..yea there’s that.

We know the first step has to be getting the surgery done to clean out the Endo and go from there. But with deductibles so high and money tight we just have to wait.

In the meantime, I have set up my Etsy shop selling custom-made Onesies which makes me so happy to do! I enjoy it very much!.

So until next time hope everyone is well! Hopefully next time I write it’s that we are Pregnant.

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