Lets figure me out!!

Woke up feeling good and ready to see my doctor and figure me out!!

I tell him all the symptoms I had and we do another exam. He asked if we are going to do the surgery and I tell him no, it’s too expensive at the time. He says okay and we develop a plan of attack. He says just based on what you are telling me and what I have seen and felt I’m going to say you are Stage 3 Endometriosis.
Stage 1: Just a few endometrial implant; mostly found in the cul-de-sac and pelvic area.
Stage 2: moderate levels of endometriosis to mild levels that not only affect the above areas but can now affect the ovaries.
Stage 3: moderate amount of disease and in extensive places around the pelvic cavity, with adhesions.
Stage 4: extensive endometrial implants sprinkled all throughout the pelvic cavity with adhesions; higher probability of infertility.
Courtesy of: https://endochick.wordpress.com/2009/03/03/the-stages-of-endometriosis/

We then continue to talk, he asked when we want to be pregnant? I tell him we would like to be pregnant within the next 6 months if possible. He sees no problem with this.
He says I want you to test for ovulation starting tomorrow ( 2/6/2016) until you get a Positive surge and then call me! So I do just that, I get a surge 3 day’s after my appointment so (2/8/2016). I then continue to write down my symptoms and wait for my next appointment on 2/26/2016. We go over everything and schedule an HSG exam.




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